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Vivaldi and Jimi Hendrix! Sort of catches the spectrum of a great event. The video ends with the West Everton Super Strings. See our early post of the brilliant Harmony initiative to give all four year olds in West Everton tuition in stringed instruments.



There’ll be many posts in the coming weeks about how arts organisations in Hope Street, although having their base in the street, have a much wider influence in the city. The Philharmonic’s work with the Children’s Orchestra is one example. We have lined up interviews with the Phil-based Merseyside Youth Orchestra soon.

The idea of ‘Hope’ in its positive sense is captured here. Notice the reference to Hope University’s involvement with the orchestra: they have a creative campus in Everton.

Find out more about the West Everton Children’s Orchestra and its background here

We have had a good summer of outdoor events. In the past few weeks we’ve seen Brasilica, Brouaha, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (a few hours after the West Everton performance) and much more. We are editing footage from a spectacular aeriel show at the Anglican Cathedral at the weekend, and all in all reminded that ‘culture’ is not something that has to happen inside walls.

Here’s a nice piece within walls produced professionally, showing the children’s orchestra at the Phil.