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As we’ve said, September 18 will be a marker of our project. That’s the day of the annual Hope Street Feast described on the organisers’ site as  the urban village fete of the Hope Street Quarter, full of the music, dance, theatre, art and great food, drink, local produce and learning that characterise Hope Street’s special contribution to Liverpool life. 2011 will be the 6th Hope Street Feast. At the site you can see video, images and reviews about last year’s festival.

Among the food and fun the Philharmonic is joining in with an Open Day:  a chance to get an insider’s view of the venue and experience some fantastic free live music. Drop in throughout the day for music and fun activities for all ages, with free performances from a range of ensemble, artists and bands, tasters of our learning programmes, chamber, jazz and folk music, films, stages and stalls all along Hope Street, and lots more surprises on the day.

The “Phil” will be featured in several coming posts – such as Harold Hikins’ and Co’s 1965 live poetry events called Fill the Phil.