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Marks of time in Hope Street. Chiselled grafitti from 1727, perhaps a worker in the quarry that is now St James Cemetry… Leaves, shadows, carvings, patches of water – some are gone with the wind or the movement of the sun, some endure. All speak of different passages of time, each happening on top of the others.

These images were taken last week by the Spiderphoto group (who, incidentally, have a brilliant exhibition running through October at FACT in Wood Street).

St James Cemetry and the quarry before it, their history and how they are today, we’ll be looking at over the next few weeks in detail with video and photography. We’re indebted, as everyone should be, to the marvellous site initiated and maintained by Mike Faulkner. This is a mine of information which has helped us as it will everybody with research.