Hope Street Peeps

Posted: October 6, 2011 in people, Uncategorized

Visit the great new site Hope Street Peeps. The Spiderphoto group went out with lights and cameras onto Hope Street and took pictures of some of the people they met. A street, a place, at any one time is more to do with the people than the stones and glass, and this site catches the variety of people who contribute to the street, the city, humanity.

Roxie Roulette

‘Real name – Hannah Cruse, The vintage vibe around Hope Street is buzzing ! I’m always finding amazing bargains looking around my historic surroundings.’

David Brewitt – Owner Hope Street Hotel

‘I came to Liverpool University in the wake of the riots in 1981. Hope Street is now transformed into one of the best streets in Europe ! With two Cathedrals and two world class Universities, the RLPO, The Everyman and many other fantastic local and independent businesses.’


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