Hope Street Feast September 18, 2011

Posted: September 15, 2011 in Culture, street events

The annual Feast is full of food and drink as always plus much, much more. Visit the website here for a full ‘menu’ and a downloadable pdf programme.

Highlights include the West Everton Children’s Orchestra we featured as our first post!. The Phil itself is open for tours, as is the Masonic Hall and, of course, both cathedrals. Hope Street Hotel’s lounge is a venue. The old Irish Centre is open too: that alone is a great visit down memory lane. Theatre from Hope Street Limited who we referred to in our post about the Everyman are presenting

Hope Street Limited presents

Free Radical Follies

12pm – 4pm



This is Hope Street Limited’s fourth street theatre spectacular at the Hope Street Feast following on from the hilarious antics of ‘Market of Optimism’, ‘The Big Nosh’ and ‘Wealth & Hell Being’.

Hear your radical fortune, start your own campaign at Manifesto Ville and be sure not to leave without having an extreme makeover…

Children… Join the Minor’s Strike and protest against broccoli, sandpit closures and early bedtimes!

Everyone… Come and listen to some untruths in the Lie Inn or bargain for a bottle of free advice or a Mersey sound at the Almost Free Market.

‘Free Radical Follies’ is commissioned by Culture Liverpool and presented by a multitude of local professional artists and directed by Trevor Stuart and Helen Statman of world renowned street theatre company Cocoloco.

There is a rich programme of music, theatre, dance, comedy and much more on the day, far too much to list here so visit the website.

We’ll be there taking photographs and videoing so look out for posts in the coming two weeks.

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