3 Gambier Terrace

Posted: August 24, 2011 in Culture
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Beatnik Horror!


In 1960 The People ran a feature entitled Beatnik Horror detailing the decadent lifestyles of the bohemians around Liverpool 8, here specifically Gambier Terrace once a dwelling place of John Lennon. Lennon may be the character with his back to us. The bearded Alan (Allen) Williams, the first manager of the Beatles is clearly visible. Notice that Gerry and the Pacemakers top the bill in the poster on the wall.

Beatniks were imported from America, associated with the Beat writers, poets and scene (Kerouac and others), named Beat-nik in ironic tribute to the USSR’s Sputnik which beat the Americans into space.

Gambier Terrace, Hope Street, today

  1. pinio65 says:

    24 July 1960, the British Sunday newspaper The People ran an article entitled “The Beatnik Horror”

    Does anyone have a picture ???

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