O’Connors Tavern

Posted: August 18, 2011 in Culture
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Scaffold, Liverpool Scene and guests performed poetry and music in several venues around Hope Street including Streates and the Basement on Mount Pleasant, Hope Hall and the Everyman. Their last venue was O’Connors, on Hardman Street. Writer Phil Bowen describes it:

O’Connors Tavern, presided over by the ever-beaming Jimmy Moore, whose holidays revolved around Liverpool FC’s European games … (was)…Windowless and smoky with an eerie sepia light, more like a bar in Harlem.


The great Andy Roberts Music site (he was with Liverpool Scene) is a wonderful source, especially commemorating the times and life of Adrian Henri who was at the centre of much that was happening. Have a look at the Inspidered post which contains some video of Scaffold and the Scene in action.

Liverpool Scene made many albums which Roberts documented. The thumbnail here from the Amazing Adventures of Liverpool Scene shows some of the regulars of O’Connors with Jimmy Moore in the middle.

By the way, Phil Bowen’s book, A Gallery to Play To which is a thorough and sensitive history of the Liverpool poetry scene, reveals how, a year before she met John Lennon, Yoko Ono took part in an installation exhibition at the Bluecoat. There Adrian Henri met her, and after the show took her to O’Connors.

“She was very sweet,” recalled Henri.

  1. Bryan Hanmer says:

    Does anyone remember Frank Hanmer a regular O’Connors and the pubs around that general scene.

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